[Random] Ubuntu 20.04 Enhanced on Hyper-V

Quick recipe:

a) use Quick-Create to get the baseline Ubuntu 20.04
b) If you’re like me and have more spacious storage options, export to target disk and delete the image downloaded
c) Modify the defaults to suit your context ( memory, networking bridge ) be it a malware analysis pod or a devbox
d) Boot up and open up a terminal, and here’s the incantation that you need:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/microsoft/linux-vm-tools/cb07b3eaeb89822ebc6eaddb10f3932bb1879f47/ubuntu/20.04/install.sh
sudo chmod +x install.sh
sudo ./install.sh

For reasons best known to MSFT, they’ve not updated https://github.com/microsoft/linux-vm-tools with support for 20.04 however, there seems to be an open pull request for it and the above script seems to work for me.

e) If you want to build from the ISO image itself, the following recipe’s sound except that you ought to swap out the wget step with the the 20.04 script above:


YMMV of course. Caveat emptor.