VM to VM Windows Kernel Debugging recipe

There are some excellent playbooks in setting up these sorts of configurations for full kernel debugging for Windows:

a) physical machine #1 to physical machine #2 ( classic )

b) physical / bare-metal host #1 to virtual machine #2 [1]

But what if you’d like virtual machine #1 to virtual…

[Random] Ubuntu 20.04 Enhanced on Hyper-V

Quick recipe:

a) use Quick-Create to get the baseline Ubuntu 20.04
b) If you’re like me and have more spacious storage options, export to target disk and delete the image downloaded
c) Modify the defaults to suit your context ( memory, networking bridge ) be it a malware analysis pod or a…

Andrew Ng’s tips to navigate a new problem space or research topic.

Reading Map

  1. Compile a list of resources: can include papers, books, blogs et.al.
  2. Skip around list
    a) For e.g., we found five papers
    b) Quickly skim:
    i) eliminate from the list
    ii) focus on remaining with perhaps couple that seems seminal…

MMXIX — through the looking glass

Since August 2018, TCSL’s Armor analyzed over 10K unique pieces of firmware for our customers and via sensors. Over 15% of these are relatively modern UEFI BIOS captures and here’s few things seen thus far:

  • More than 90K executables flagged with interesting security properties.

Firmware analysis for the rest of us!

On August 1st, TCSL Armor launched, our premium service for analyzing firmware. We’ve analyzed hundreds of firmware and learned a few things.

Normative security software and even the operating system itself stands atop this often opaque ( or at best translucent ) layer…

Arun Darlie Koshy

Engineer of invisible things.

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